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Iraning naphtha

Iran naphtha is a general term that has been used for over two thousand years to refer to flammable liquid hydrocarbon mixtures. Mixtures labeled naphtha have been produced from natural gas condensates, petroleum distillates, and the distillation of coal tar and peat. It is used diversely in different industries and regions to refer to gross products like crude or refined products such as kerosene.


Analysis Unit limit Test Method
Density @ 15.0 ·c Kg/m3 0.700-0.765 ASTM D1298
Distillation ·c   ASTM D86
I.B.P ·c 75-90 ASTM D86
F.B.P ·c 170-200 ASTM D86
Residue %Vol 0.5-1.5 ASTM D86
Loss %Vol 0.5-1.5 ASTM D86
Total Sulphur %Wt 0.05-0.15 ASTM D1266
Vapour Pressure K.Pa 13-24 ASTM D323
H2S PPM Trace IP-103
Colour, Saybolt 25 min ASTM D1500
Bromine Number Mg/100ml 1 max ASTM D1159
Paraffin Content %Vol 50-70 GC
Olefins Content %Vol 0.5-1 GC
Naphthene Content %Vol 15-30 GC
Aromatics Content %Vol 10-18 GC
Lead (PB) P.P.B 20 max UOP-350
Cupper PPM 0.03-0.07 A.A
Silicon PPM Trace A.A
Nitrogen PPM 1 max UOP-313
Water Content PPM 300 max ASTM E1064
Chloride PPM 5-10 UOP-799
As P.P.B 10 max A.A
C/H Ratio %Vol 5.5-6.5 Calculate
Gum Existent Mg/100ml 1 ASTM D381


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