3-5 oil content

by Iran Request
2 years قبل

Candle wax

The only material for madding candle is paraffin wax . fully refined grade is not used commonly since it is expensive and not competitive , semi refined from 1% to 7% oil content can be used to produce different types of candles : different shapes , odors , colors  which are used in religious ceremonies , houses , churches , funerals and even for lighting in the countries which do not have electricity because of war or other reasons .

good quality candle

For warm weather countries paraffin wax with melting point 65-66 C should be used to get a better quality candles and for cold weather countries melting point 58- C is ok .

good candle is defined by : good lighting , good burning , no smell , stable flame , long lasting , no smoke

all these specifications are related to paraffin quality : oil content , color , odor , melting point

better paraffin wax means better candle