Bitumen pellets

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Bitumen pellets manufacturer and exporter which is Hard bitumen and available in different size without sticking each other and easy melt.

Usage of Bitumen pellets

Bitumen pellets using as a bonding agent for the production of interior stone floors either in industrial buildings. They are also used for the production of bitumen protection lacquers, in the ripe industry and for printing inks, manufacturing of roofing membranes/felts, bonding of these membranes on work sites, our bitumen fulfil the properties of elasticity, adhesion, cohesion and durability of PMB for roofing membranes and other materials for insulation, tyre, rubber industrial, paint coating and adhesive and plastics.

Benefit of bitumen pellets usage:

Less rubber and additive needed.

Easy melt

Low bulk density

Customize ability

High mechanical strength
Low dependency on temperature fluctuations
High resistance to wear and deformation
Increased active bitumen quantity in the SMA asphalt composition compared with conventional asphalt, allows extending the pavement life and durability.

Benefit in transport of asphalt pellets

Shipping asphalt pellets is very east for bulk transport, float in water and do not leak or dissolve — presenting minimal risk of contamination to oceans, lakes and rivers.

Packing of asphalt pellets

The packing of asphalt pellets could be in bulk or 1000kg big bag and 25Kg bag.

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