Oxidized Bitumen

Blown asphalt manufacturer and exporter

Blown asphalt grades

Blown asphalt in various types and grades as I,II,III including low,medium and high softening point with different penetration and hardness.The blown asphalt types including soft grade grade as 75/25 85/25 95/25 90/40 also medium grade blown asphalt 90/10 90/15 and hard grade including blown asphalt 115/15 110/15 105/5 105/15 105/35 and special ultra blown grades 150/5.

Petroleum air blown asphalt

All Petroleum air blown asphalt based products, refined from blowing hydro-carbon with special attention to temprature and pressure of blowing tower. We export all blown grade of bitumen including air blown asphalt 115/15 and 150/5 to soft grades as 75/25.

Blown asphalt packing

We are manufacturing all grades of blown asphalt in various packing as below: Blown asphalt packed in 25 or 50kg meltable polyamide bag. The melting temperature of the bag is 160~180C. Blown asphalt packed in 25 or 50Kg Craft bag. The size of bag is 90x40cm and easily palletized 1 ton on wooden pallet. Blown asphalt packed in carton mold. It is easy to handle and safe for shipment. Blown asphalt packed in 185Kg new steel drum. Normally low softening point blown asphalt pack in drum. Blown asphalt in bulk.The bulk shipment could be tanker,ISO tank and vessel.

Blown asphalt production capacity

Minimum order quantity of blown bitumen is 1x20ft and able to deliver 3000MT monthly. We are providing blown asphalt in various grades including blown asphalt 115/15 95/25 85/40 90/40 85/25 150/5 blown asphalt or hard asphalt and any other asphalt types III 3 of blown asphalt according to order.Throughout the world, more than 7 types of bitumen that is produced depend on the type of weather conditions one of them is blown asphalt.

Application of blown asphalt

Blown asphalt grades are suitable for sealing saw cuts and joints where there is expected to be the minimum amount of moving in the joint. Their wide temperature range prevents bleeding in high temperature applications. Blown asphalt can also be used in industrial applications like roofing, flooring, mastics, pipe coatings, electrical applications.

Blown asphalt is an asphaltic adhesive substrate for asphalt membranes.Metal and concrete protective coating under atmospheric conditions.Blown asphalt is using for coating of pipelines.Blown asphalt is impregnation of coating of papers and boards.Bonding agent for tiles and mastic also bonding agent for cork plates and adhesive for roofing felts.The Blown asphalt is adhesive for laminated boards to protection for electrical wires.

Blown asphalt usage:

sealing of expansion joints.

repair of joints or cracks.

fixation of parquet floors.

adhesive to be used in thermal insulation.

various industrial uses.

repair of unexposed cracks.

bonding of wet briquettes.

use as sealing of electrical junction boxes.