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How to buy Iran Crude Oil from iranrequest

1- Iranian crude oil will be sold only to end users including refiners or oil companies who are in possess a valid and unconditional processing and/or sale agreement with one of the bonafide and active oil refiners.

2- The applicant must be a reputable oil company having appropriate business and financial performance during last three years.

Note 1: Oil company is a company which is well known for its activities in oil upstream, downstream and / or physical oil transaction.

Note 2: Appropriate business performance is defined as fulfilling the contractual obligations against parties concerned and having good reputation in execution of its sale / purchase contracts. Note

3: The appropriate financial performance is defined as fulfilling the financial obligations under the terms and conditions of oil contracts on time, without any failure or delay in payments for the concluded transactions.

4- Financial and credit status of applicants must be approved by three prime banks acceptable to iranrequest.

5- The applicant should be able to open the required letter of credit for payment of crude oil purchased.

6- For the purposes of registration, applicants should submit the following documents along with their request, addressing to iranrequest Crude Oil sales department:

1) Articles of association as well as company’s registration certificates.

2) Names and particulars of the main shareholders of the company.

3) Financial statements (balance sheet and profit & loss statement) for last three years audited and approved by an internationally reputable auditing firm.

4) Documents proving the ownership of a refinery or a valid and unconditional processing and / or a sale agreement with a bonafide and acceptable oil refinery to which the crude oil is destined.

5) Crude oil transaction background with countries and / or oil companies for last three years.

6)Three financial and credit references from three prime banks acceptable to iranrequest.

North West Europe* Mediterranean Sidi Kerir South Africa Asia
Price  Index (FOB Kharg) (FOB Kharg) (FOB SidiKerir) (FOB Kharg) Price Index (FOB Kharg)
Iran Light IceBwave  -4.30  -4.70  -3.10  -4.30 Average(Oman,Dubai)  -0.85
Iran Heavy  -5.80  -6.25  -4.65  -5.80  -2.45
Forozan Blend -5.60 -6.05  -4.45  -5.60  -2.25
Soroosh Iran Heavy  -3.40 Iran Heavy  -5.45
Nowrooz  -3.40  -5.45
*: Freight adjustment to be applied.

Specification of Iran light crude oil

SPECIFIC GRAVITY @ 15.56/15.56 °C 0.8579 ASTM          D-4052
API 33.4 ”          D-1298
SULPHUR CONIENT (Total)                        Wt% 1.36 ”          D-2622
** H2S CONTENT                                         PPM 50 RIPI
NITROGEN CONTENT (Total)                      Wt% 0.26 ASTM          D-4629
BASE SEDIMENT & WATER                        Vol% TRACE < 0.05 ”          D-1796
WATER CONTENT                                       Vol% TRACE < 0.05 ”          D-4006
SALT CONTENT                                           P.T.B 16.0 ”          D-3230
KINEMATIC VISCOSITY @ 10 °C               *mm2/Sec 15.97 ”            D-445
KINEMATIC VISCOSITY @ 20 °C               *mm2/Sec 10.43 ”            D-445
KINEMATIC VISCOSITY @ 40 °C               *mm2/Sec 5.838 ”            D-445
POUR POINT                                                °C -8 ”          D-5853
** R.V.P                                                          PSI 8.90 ”            D-323
ASPHALTENES                                             Wt% 1.45 IP-143
WAX- CONTENT                                           Wt% 5.7 BP-237
DROP MELTING POINT OF WAX               °C 57 IP-133
CARBON RESIDUE CONRADSON            Wt% 3.67 ASTM            D-189
ACIDTY, TOTAL                                            Mg KOH/gr 0.11 UOP-565
NICKEL CONTENT                                       PPM 11.0 UOP-800
VANADIUM CONTENT                                 PPM 44.0 UOP-800
IRON CONTENT                                           PPM < 2.0 UOP-800
LEAD CONTENT                                           PPM < 1.0 UOP-391
SODIUM CONTENT                                     PPM 30.0 UOP-391

Specification of Iran heavy crude oil

SPECIFIC GRAVITY @ 5.56/15.56           °C 0.8789 ASTM          D-4052
API 29.5 ”           D-1298
SULPHUR CONIENT (Total)                     Wt% 1.99 D-2622
** H2S CONTENT                                     PPM 80 RIPI
NITROGEN CONTENT (Total)                  Wt% 0.25 ASTM          D-4629
BASE SEDIMENT & WATER                    Vol% TRACE < 0.05 ”           D-1796
WATER CONTENT                                    Vol% TRACE < 0.05 ”           D-4006
SALT CONTENT                                        P.T.B 16.0 ”           D-3230
KINEMATIC VISCOSITY @ 10 °C            *mm2/Sec 29.42 ”             D-445
KINEMATIC VISCOSITY @ 20 °C            *mm2/Sec 21.50 ”             D-445
KINEMATIC VISCOSITY @ 40 °C            *mm2/Sec 16.56 ”             D-445
POUR POINT                                             °C -8 ”           D-5853
** R.V.P                                                       PSI 8.10 ”             D-323
ASPHALTENES                                         Wt% 3.90 IP-143
WAX- CONTENT                                       Wt% 6.0 BP-237
DROP MELTING POINT OF WAX           °C 56 IP-133
CARBON RESIDUE CONRADSON         Wt% 5.96 ASTM            D-189
ACIDTY, TOTAL                                         Mg KOH/gr 0.18 UOP-565
NICKEL CONTENT                                    PPM 23.0 UOP-800
VANADIUM CONTENT                             PPM 90.0 UOP-800
IRON CONTENT                                        PPM 5.4 UOP-800
LEAD CONTENT                                       PPM < 1.0 UOP-391
SODIUM CONTENT                                  PPM 20.0 UOP-391
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